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Dedicated to the Study of Death

Students of the Macabre

The Study of Death
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Obsessed with death and the dead? Serial killers? Massacres? The act of dying/killing/taking a life? The after-life? Ressurection? Ghosts?

Then you found the right place! We have more than just a morbid curiosity here. We are interested in death in the social realm, in anthropology, science, spirituality, metaphysics, society, science, politcs, religions, and experiences with the beyond. Also, a special interest between love and death and how they are related.

THIS IS NOT A PRO-SUICIDE COMMUNITY. OR PRO-MURDER (obviously). So leave if you're trying to get advice on how to kill yourself or murder someone.

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Icon by Andy Warhol. This is a deadmissbates community.
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